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Advantages of Networking

Today, we hear a lot about brain groups and the benefits of networking. Yet the concept seems to intimidate many people. The media are flooding us with events happening around the world that we can neither understand nor influence. Then, in the same breath, the commentator discusses the six degrees of separation and explains how we can influence events around the world. Which one is it?

It’s a bit of both. The first thing to do is to stop, breathe and think. Remember that we see and interpret all events from our own perspective, from our own experiences. Although the commentator can read a script and not have personal feelings about world events, most of us look at them from their personal perspective. We often take personal things that do not really affect us and the most important things for us, our family and our friends.

What does this have to do with the benefits of networking? We live in a world where more than 6 billion people are all connected, more or less, via the Internet. A few years ago, networking was about personal relationships restricted to family, friends, and associates. Today, thanks to the Internet, networking takes on a whole new meaning.

To experience and appreciate networking, we need a new global perspective. And, in my opinion, this perspective should be more, rather than less, related to family, friends and close business associates. So we go back to the brain groups and the networking benefits I just mentioned. I have come to believe that we would all be better off with a positive and helpful group of brains. Maybe several positive groups sharing the same interests as us.

I suggest that you take a global perspective with a personal touch. Social networks on the Internet can provide you with groups of friends and associates around the world. Through the Internet, millions of people across all social, economic and geographic regions can share information and experiences with each other. With your brain groups, you can get real-world information from people around the world that you’ll learn to know and trust. Your brain groups can become sophisticated communities that provide all the information, friends, advice, entertainment and everything else you decide to want. Being able to perform these activities in the comfort of your home is just one of the benefits of networking.

Online commerce has helped move the Internet from a library of resources to vibrant groups of interactive communities sharing their lives, not just information. Commerce, global commerce, drives the online experience in directions that no one foresaw or foresaw. This new economic platform can be yours.

Networking at home can provide you with the opportunity to share the e-commerce revolution. The network marketing and affiliate marketing companies are leading. Personally, I am in favor of network marketing because of the low cost that a business represents and the substantial income you can get when you select the right company for you. Making this selection is where your network of brain groups can become particularly useful.

Today, the network marketing company creates a product, performs all the functions of administrative record keeping, manufacturing, warehousing, shipping and customer service, which allows you to create a business of wholesale, like a wholesale buying club, with the network of builders you want. work with. Do you prefer to work from home with family and friends or to work at a job that you and your colleagues may not like.

All of this is possible, in part, because of the increased ease and security of online shopping. Due to the constant evolution of online security, we are finding that e-commerce and social networks are safe, convenient and satisfying.

This article addresses only the top of the incredible benefits of networking in the ever-changing world. If you want to know more, contact me and / or subscribe to my e-magazine.


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