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An Introduction to Social Networking

Social networking is about online communities where like-minded people can come together and communicate, sharing a number of interests and activities. Social networks have developed a lot on the Internet in recent years with the advent of websites such as Facebook and MySpace and many other sites.

It’s also an effective way to keep in touch with people you know and to find former classmates, coworkers and old friends you might otherwise have lost touch with. Social networks are not only popular among teens, but they are also popular in all walks of life and in people of all ages. The first of these sites were created in the mid-90s and quickly gained popularity.

Social networks on the Internet usually allow people to write their profiles and upload images if they wish. These profiles can be viewed by the general public or by specific friends chosen by the user. The degree of privacy of a social network depends largely on the site you choose to use and your personal preferences and settings.

There are also a number of available groups as well as chat channels that offer a chance to meet other people with whom you may have something in common. Some sites offer more privacy than others, but generally, a number of user-selected friends are attached to their profile and these friends must accept their request before they can see each other’s profile.

Social networks have recently been controversial because of confidentiality issues and a number of abuses. There is also a risk to the safety of children and a number of other worrying factors.


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