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Basic Network Safety That No One Should Neglect

Is not life great? Most people are somehow able to enter this new century with technology in suspense … It’s a new crush on the misunderstanding of simple things. What I mean by that is that when you were little, a touch told you not to fire the stove. As a teenager, a car accident may have put you on a seatbelt. Now you have a wireless network at home! What does it take to consider networking safely?

Think of all the strange and forgotten information on your computer – some of them, unsurprisingly, that you have forgotten. Make sure you delete your cookies and clear the Internet history from time to time. You also ask your computer not to remember passwords, but you are still a target in two ways as easy to fix as not to touch hot objects and to fasten a seatbelt.

In summary, wireless networks consist of three elements: the signals, the broadcaster and the receiver. Your internet connection is the signal. Your modem powers the router that acts as a broadcaster. The network adapter of your computer is then the receiver. With these elements, you can surf the Internet without inhibitions; and without a password or obstacle for novice hackers to stumble, they can surf your computer without inhibition.

The open door, even for modest pirates, is this broadcaster. He says, “I am here!” Your receiver is listening. Other receivers can be tuned from outside your walls. Once on the same router, they can query other computers (it’s YOU) on this router. Your defense is simple but certainly not foolproof for the real professional cyber-offenders. When you set up your wireless network 9 times out of 10, you are asked to create a password so that users can connect. This process is often called WEP.

It’s not a busy task to waste your time. If a casual user with an infected computer shares your router, your computer will also share the pleasure of the infection, without any hacking by the casual user. They were simply looking for a free ride that you offered by NOT creating this WEP. You do not need a hard word, but do not use an easy word that creates the “key” …

The computers on the router and your knees will probably do the rest. This is a unique procedure EXCEPT if your router is reset. To reset the router is to force him to forget everything he knew. All your Internet settings and your magic high speed Internet access numbers will need to be re-entered. A router is reset internally or externally by pressing a button usually on the back. It’s labeled too.

It is possible to access the internal parameters by entering the IP address of the gateway, which will soon be known to all. If you have not entered a password, anyone can change anything – especially this computer-savvy kid who is coming home from school and always spoiling your business for thank you for the room and the meal. Change the default password to avoid acknowledgments. And in extreme cases, you can physically HIDE the router to prevent the reset button from being depressed, eliminating all your modest countermeasures!

The strongest reason for using a simple security here is to eliminate the free spins between neighbors of the machines likely to be infected. As with closing, ten seconds to set up a router with passwords can save you a lot of trouble.


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