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How to Protect Your Kids’ Safety Online

We would be the first to recognize that the Internet is a wonderful tool. It’s amazing for educational purposes and a way to communicate online at any time about shared interests. However, those of us over the age of 35 relied primarily on books and teachers to learn when they were young. We had personal exchanges with our peers on the campuses of high schools and colleges. Today, for our teenagers and even our much younger children, the world is just a click away on the Internet to communicate with people around the world without any human interaction. That’s why we need to think differently when we protect our children online – it’s a different perspective.

We should congratulate ourselves for this incredible access for our children. However, it is dangerous that they become dependent on the Internet as the main educational and social outlet. Many children are very good at surfing the Internet, but that does not mean they have the judgment to dodge the dangers of the Internet – from misinformation to predators to spyware. We take seriously the need to protect our children online.

Parental control

As a parent, you have the power to protect your children from many dangers on the Internet. Every major Internet browser gives you the ability to limit access to objectionable content by browsing search engines with the parental control tools they provide.

Networking and instant messaging

For those of us who are a bit older, we communicate online primarily by email. Today, children tend to communicate via networking sites such as Facebook or via instant messaging on their mobile phone.

A huge problem with networking sites is that participants inadvertently include very personal information to anyone invited as a “friend”. Spyware and malware constantly monitor these sites to take advantage of all the information included in the networking sites, including contact information and interests or friends mentioned. In an insidious way, they can also access the instant messages sent when their spyware and malicious software invade your computer or your phone.

Discussion rooms

We all saw news programs in which teenagers (and adults) offered too much information in chat rooms, which resulted in a very unfortunate encounter. Chat rooms may be a good place to meet people with common interests, but parents need to monitor their children’s activities because of potential dangers.

Identity theft

When a hacker or criminal steals the identity of one of your children, he also has access to some of your information. An anti-spyware program such as Double Anti-Spy is constantly vigilant to fight against these breaches of privacy and for those who seek to steal your identity. This protection is especially important if you can not monitor the online activity of your children every minute of the day. Double Anti-Spy detects, removes, and immediately protects your PC from thousands of these threats.

The Internet is an incredible resource for our children, but unfortunately it can also pose a security risk. Fortunately, with Double Anti-Spy, you can rest assured that your children are protected safely from online threats.


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