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Network Maintenance is Essential For Home and Office Networks

It’s no longer a luxury to own a computer at home. Having a family member is more of a necessity than a social status like a few years ago. In fact, the need has become so great that people have a computer for each family member. In offices too, each employee is assigned a computer to carry out their daily activities. As the number of computers increases per home or office, there is a clear need to interconnect these computers to improve efficiency and speed up the execution of tasks. There are professional companies that provide services such as installing networks in homes and offices. However, some of them do not promise network support to their customers or can promise but do not keep their promises.

Network maintenance is very important for any computer network, once configured, large or small, or the number of computers and network users. The purpose of its maintenance is to ensure the security of the network without allowing leakage of private information belonging to the user and to make network computers accessible on the network to authorized and authenticated users. Hackers are constantly working on hackers and trying to access the internal networks of large companies to steal data and then sell information belonging to these companies. The security professional or companies providing network maintenance and support must ensure that all such attacks are detected as soon as possible and postponed until any damage is caused.

The idea of ​​network support can be summed up in one word – FCAPS (F for default, C for configuration, A for accounting, P for performance, S for security). If there is a problem with the network hardware or software, the technician should be quick to resolve it as soon as possible. Any delay in processing these errors can result in huge losses for the customer because most of his work is done digitally. Similarly, the professional must work hard to keep the server operational and keep it fluid for users. Hardware and software upgrades, if necessary, must be performed as part of network maintenance. It is also the responsibility of network support to support new users on the network and to include their computers in the primary server.

Network support begins immediately after basic network setup. The technician must install antivirus software sufficient to prevent the invasion of any virus. It is recommended that you use a combination of more than two such programs to ensure maximum security of customer information. In addition, installations must be created to validate network users when they connect to the network. Use of passwords, retinal scan, fingerprint scan, pass keys, etc. reduce the risks of unauthorized entry.

While choosing an agency to set up a network at home or in the office, the company’s reputation for network support needs to be considered very seriously. As you rely on them for any future changes, it is essential that the agency be reliable and fast in its service.


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