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Identity Theft Issues and Social Networking Sites

Social bookmarking sites such as and, which include user-created Internet bookmarking lists (and other applications), are gaining popularity. The same goes for identity theft among social bookmarking users. What happens is that people are rushing to sign up…

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Teen Internet Safety

Internet security issues in teens are very important for your teenager to understand, as he naturally becomes more involved in social networking sites and other social habits based on internet use. SMS, IM, Facebook and other electronic communication methods have…

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Significant Challenges of Social Networking

Social networking sites offer many important benefits and allow people around the world to socialize or meet in ways that would have been unimaginable for them a few years ago. Despite the benefits it can bring, there are also significant…

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How to Protect Your Kids’ Safety Online

We would be the first to recognize that the Internet is a wonderful tool. It’s amazing for educational purposes and a way to communicate online at any time about shared interests. However, those of us over the age of 35…

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Keeping Safe on Social Networking Sites

With the prevalence and popularity of social networking sites, security has become a major concern. This includes people of all ages, not just children. When you participate in a social network, you potentially expose a large part of your life…

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Learn About Network Security Forensics

Forensics of network security is very important for the basic security of information on the Internet. These concepts include the confidentiality of information. Other concepts involve availability and integrity. The people who use the information must be authorized and authenticated….

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The Social Network

Spend hours in front of the computer, write blogs, post endless comments on wall posts, tag photos, and click the “Like” button for each new status, this is how today’s generation can be described. “I can not even feel the…

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Proactive Internet Safety From Malware

Viruses, spyware, Trojans, ahh – the wonders of the encompassing term of Malware. Malware has become the big word on the Internet. We wonder what our options are every time we launch a web browser. And then? The world of…

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Computer Network Security Software – Why You Should Never Be Feeling Too Secure

Once your computer is connected to a network – at home or at the office – you are vulnerable to Internet attacks. It is therefore essential to install network security software. Of course, your computer will not be compromised without…

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Is Your Network Secure?

Most of us probably remember a recent serious data breach. These violations targeted large companies that we believe would deploy the most recent network security procedures. The problem is that every company, big or small, gets advice on how to…

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