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Safety Reminders When Using Facebook

Facebook is a valuable social networking tool that keeps us in touch with your friends and family. If you get hooked on it, it can be counterproductive. If you think you are addicted to Facebook, ask yourself the following questions:

Do you play multiple games on Facebook? These games are notorious or waste time because they are designed to keep you on the site. If you’re a Facebook fan, you’re probably playing a game like FarmVille or Mob Wars or My Kitten. Make no mistake, they are designed to hook you up. The longer you play, the bigger the rewards. You may also feel compelled to connect, to do things like tense cultures.

Crowd Wars can be deceiving. You may be tempted to log in very quickly to make another move. Before you know it, you will have spent the whole day playing and the quick shot will become much more!

How often do you visit your friends and family via the newsfeed? If the answer is: constantly, you’re probably addicted to Facebook. Check two or three times a day should be a busy task.

Do a quick check in the morning and another in the evening. In this way, you get the full spectrum of what happened during your absence.

You are too involved in the affairs of others if you leave the news feed open and scroll down to enter each update. Go out and lead your own life.

Do not over-share every detail of your life in updates, though. If you post several updates a day and say everything you do to people, you may be bored and wasting time. Limit your publications to remarkable things.

A good way to use Facebook in a healthy way is to focus on your real life and then share real life on Facebook. Plan something nice and interesting every day and post it on it. Your life will be rich and your friends and family will be happy to see you doing so well.


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