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Social Sites That Protect Teens

Social networking sites can be very fun. Students like to use to build relationships and build relationships. Teenagers and young students think is the place. Networking sites can also put you in touch with like-minded or simply interesting people.

But, as with all great things, there is a darker, more sinister side. Predators hide, hidden on these sites, ready to attract teenagers unwittingly. Published content is inappropriate. The danger is at every corner …

However, some sites try to clean social networks while still having fun.

Facebook requires a school ID to browse profiles. You can not even access the site without this login. Supersafe! offers free subscriptions to their social networking website for adults AND teens. However, the fast-growing site has the added benefit of protecting minors from adult-only content.

They adopted a new approach to adult content. Access to adult material costs a small fee.

… a small price to pay to know that you do not have to worry about whether the person you just met is really the age claimed. In addition, annual access fees are quite low, as it is useful for a live person to view ALL content submitted for inappropriate content.

Mooble’s efforts to protect children from inappropriate content and unpleasant surprises are remarkable. In order to pay adult content access fees, the credit card used must be in the member’s name.

This is great because most children under the age of 18 do not have a credit card. In addition, many teens would be reluctant to take their parent’s credit card and create a profile on their parent’s behalf.

And, really, most of the time, children only meet adult content without wanting to. With a site like this, children are protected and you can always browse what you want to browse.

Another great thing about this Mooble idea is to protect children from sexual predators. Social networking sites such as require at least 16 years to register. All children have to do is register their age at 16 or older, even if they are not. There are literally thousands of teenagers and pre-teens who do not meet the age requirements of My Space.

But there they are, despite everything, fiddling their age and are vulnerable to the perverts who seek them. In fact, most pedophiles know that all they have to do to search for a person whose age is 100 is nine times out of ten.

Mooble does not have the same kind of problems because it is actively trying to prevent children from having difficulty accessing adult material.

Keeping children safe should be a top priority, and sites like Mooble and Facebook, who choose to draw a line between approved and unapproved use of adult content, offer a range of choices to take advantage of. to both adults and children.


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