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Tips For Safety on the Internet

The internet is an excellent resource, but it carries risks. You must be responsible when navigating and never forget to use your common sense. The Internet is not as anonymous as some people like to think. Follow some simple tips to keep your Internet safe.

Read all privacy statements

Before sending information through a website, read the company’s privacy statement. It can be long and boring, but it’s good to know what a website plans to do with your personal information. Your security on the Internet depends on your ability to know where your information is.

Choose neutral usernames

Always choose a non-sexist username that does not disclose any personal information. Do not add your year of birth or your real name. Avoid words or phrases that could be sexually taken.

Do not give personal information

Never reveal personal information to anyone online. Phone numbers, names, addresses and social security numbers can all be used to locate you offline.

Learn to block people

If someone makes you feel uncomfortable, you do not have to talk to them. Prevent them from sending you future emails and delete any existing correspondence without replying. All instant messengers also have ignore features.

Remember that the Internet is forever

It’s not a good idea to publish this fun photo you took while drinking at last night’s party. Your friends can enjoy it but your parents, your boss and your teachers will not be as amused. Do not forget that everything you post on the Internet is there forever and in plain view. Do not post sexy pictures or anything that you would not want your mother to see or you would not want someone to check the background of important work that you might want. Think about your security on the Internet and be smart about what you post on social networking sites or elsewhere.


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