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What is Network Security? Simplified Definition

First of all, what is a network?

The network we are referring to here is the computer network, which contains many definitions from too many sources, whether on the Internet or elsewhere. In simple terms, a network is the interconnection of cables and other communication media, connectivity equipment such as switches and routers, electronic devices such as computers, printers, scanners, plotters, etc., for the purpose of sharing data and resources.

Whoa! It does not seem easy at all, does it? Well, let’s try a second time …

A network is the interconnection of communication media, connectivity equipment and electronic devices for the purpose of sharing data and resources.

Now it was not too difficult, was it? And here is the second question …

What is security?

This is easy because the word security means security or preservation, protection or well-being.

In simple terms, network security refers to any organization designed to protect the network.

Why do we need to protect or “secure” the network?

We need to protect the network because the “resources” we share on the network are constantly under threat. It can be valuable information or data about our employees and customers, or more importantly about our products or companies. Most of these threats come in the form of:

* Viruses, worms and Trojans
* Spyware and adware
* Zero Day Attacks, also known as zero hour attacks
* Hacker attacks
* Denial of service attacks
* Interception and theft of data
* Identity theft

For us to fully understand what the “network security solution” is, we also need to understand how network security works. Since there are various threats, there is no single solution. We need multiple layers of security, so in case of failure, the attacker should deal with the next layer.

Network security systems typically consist of many software and hardware components that are designed to work together to improve security and minimize maintenance. The software must be updated relentlessly to avoid new threats.


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