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What is Network Security?

Network – What does the name mean? An image of interconnected lines or routes may be the first thing that comes to your mind. Well the computer network is also the same thing. It is a mechanism by which different computers in a terminal are connected to each other with or without a hardware line.

This network allows a person to access his desk or computer from anywhere in the world. Great!! Well, the benefits come with its shortcomings. Before moving on to the different types of threats that weigh on the computer network. Let us first understand the different types of network. UCCP (Unix to Unix Copy) – this was one of the oldest network types used to connect two computers using the UNIX platform. Later, however, it was used by PCs, Amiga, Mac, etc. The dynamics of this network was relatively simple and used a switched system to connect two computers. This network system has witnessed a trip to the south after the advent of the Internet. Today, the UCCP network is only used by people to copy files. Internet – nowadays people use the Internet even before they have learned to speak and walk properly. But what is an Internet? It is nothing more than a network of interconnected computers that is connected to a central host used to exchange facts and information. Internet works by using an open protocol called TCP / IP. This TCP / IP protocol can now be compromised in different ways.

Since TCP / IP is an open network, it is difficult to determine the origin of the packets. The proof of authentication is missing, which makes it vulnerable to external threats. There is another threat called IP spoofing when a particular sender uses another sender’s IP address and uses it to send potentially harmful content. The most dangerous of all is the IP session hijacking where a hacker actually dodges a user’s session and uses his IP to do anything with his account.

Now that we know the security of the network, let us understand how network security works. Network security works by using various hardware and software components installed on the computer to ensure information security. This is accomplished by using anti-virus and anti-spyware software. By using firewalls that prevent a person from having unauthorized access to your computer. by identifying attacks from rapidly spreading threats in the Web world and, finally, by virtual private networks (VPNs), used to make the remote connection more secure.

So far, so good, but on the other hand, the management of large companies must be very cautious when implementing network security. Firewalls must not in any way interfere with an employee’s work environment and must not interfere with a person’s access to information for personal or official use.


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