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When Using Social Networking Sites Exercise Caution

With more people using social networking sites, there is also an increase in the different threats that people may encounter online. Unfortunately, masses of people tend to attract people with less noble intentions. This is the case of many popular social networking sites. Now, the dangers of existing social networks are not extreme enough for you to consider withdrawing completely from these sites. On the other hand, your Internet security may be compromised if you do not exercise caution.

Here are 3 of the most common threats facing many people involved in online social networks.


Spammers of all kinds can “sniff” an online crowd in a short time. Many target popular social sites because “fishing” is good. The offer of interesting content or a useful download allows these people to “drop” different types of malware on your computer.

In this case, the same rules should apply to online social activities and to your email. Do not open up people you do not know or who seem suspicious – the end of the story.

Predators Online

Again, because of the popularity of online social networking sites, part of the crowd they attract is more of the “scary” element. Although these sites keep you out of immediate physical contact, certain circumstances can put you in danger. Foreigners do not need your personal information. No matter how many messages you send to someone on one of these sites, how well do you really know them? One of the most common dangers of social networking is goose bumps posing as a friend who wants to get important and private information from you. Be friendly, but do not share anything other than what may be reflected in your profile or casual interests. Frankly, there is NO reason for anyone to know anything other than that.

Remember what we all learned while growing up – do not talk to strangers!

Host of the site

Unfortunately, it seems that some of the most popular networking sites are becoming a bit too liberal with the use of members’ personal information. Now, we will not be mentioning names here, but some sites are making “subtle” changes to their “rules” about members’ privacy. It is up to each individual to protect himself to the extent of the number of information he wishes to give to these sites. Read all the information carefully and be open, but at the same time indicate what you allow your profile to reflect about you.

With the increasing number of people using social networking sites, the number of threats on many of these sites is also increasing. Now, many of these social media dangers are not extreme enough to warrant staying out of the loop, but it’s important to know them. It seems like the most popular social networking sites like Facebook or Twitter or more inclined to attract this type of activity. But the fact is that everyone should be aware of the precautions to take for their own security on the Internet. The 3 most common threats mentioned above can be easily avoided by practicing some common sense in any online social networking activity. By taking some of the precautions recommended above, you will make your online network experience not only safer but also more enjoyable.


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